Friday, April 27, 2007

John Ford Guilty of Bribery

Former TN State Senator John Ford found guilty of bribery.
Memphis Dist 29

Ford now a convicted felon. Can be maximum 10 year penalty.

Extortion - not guilty - but may be retried!
Intimadation of witnesses - not guilty.

From the Memphis Flyer:

United States Attorney David Kustoff said the government got what it wanted in the John Ford trial.

"The bottom line is, as of today John Ford is a convicted felon," said Kustoff at a news conference in the federal building.

Jurors found Ford guilty of bribery, which carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison. The former senator was found not guilty on three counts of threatening undercover FBI agent L. C. McNiel and undercover informant Tim Willis, but Kustoff shrugged off a suggestion that the jury found them to not be credible witnesses.

Memphis Flyer article

He still has a middle Tennessee trial in the future.

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