Saturday, April 26, 2008

Irises - ARE IN BLOOM!

West TN Iris Society Garden

I visited the Iris Garden at West St. and Park, in Germantown today. For years, I have wanted to stop and get a close up view of all the very beautiful Irises that have been so lovingly planted there. The West Tennessee Iris Society can take all the credit for the lovely scene hundreds of drivers see everyday while the Irises are in full bloom. A quaint stop, a resting place complete with benches with beautiful Breaded Irises of all colors. Don’t do what I did and drive by, all the while wanting to stop. Take a few minutes, and do it. I believe you will be glad. I am, and I plan to do it again, soon.

A flower event, not to miss Sunday, April 26, Sunday at the Dixon Gallery and Gardens, you may want to take time to visit The Memphis Flower Show:M3D On the Edge.

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Iris Halo Everybody, Rogers 2

Iris, Peach


Iris, Yellow and white, bearded

Iris Blue and white

More Iris

Light Orange Iris

Yellow White, Iris

Black Velvety Iris


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benny06 said...

Beautiful photos of the Irises.