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Restaurants and Food Stores TN state inspections.

Did you know that on the Tennessee.gov website that you can find the scores of your favorite restaurant?

About the Scoring System:
The Department of Health is responsible for regulation of food service establishments in Tennessee. State law, regulations, and the inspection program are designed to help ensure that food service establishments are safe places to eat. The law requires that restaurants have an unannounced inspection at least once every six months to determine if they are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations at the time of inspection. In addition to routine inspections, unannounced inspections are conducted in response to individual complaints.

Tennessee uses a 44 item inspection sheet with a maximum of 100 points. Thirteen of the items are considered critical. Critical items, found out of compliance, must be corrected within ten days. Follow-up inspections are conducted to determine compliance on critical items. Failure to correct critical violations or imminent health hazards result in closure of establishments until corrections are made. Serious or repeated violations may result in revocation of the establishment's permit.

Scores shown on this web site dated prior to April 9, 1998 do not include follow-up inspection scores. Those scores are from the original inspection and do not note any follow-up corrective action. Inspection scores after that date are either from the original inspection if no-follow up was required or are scores that resulted from follow-up inspections where points have been added to credit establishments for corrective action. An individual restaurant inspection score is a "snapshot" of the condition of the establishment at the time of inspection. A single inspection score is not necessarily indicative of the inspection history of the facility. The scores are used as a tool by the State and industry to place a value on compliance to the regulations, educate the operators, and thereby encourage corrective action.

Complete records of food service establishments are public records and are available for public viewing at your local health department.

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Food Store Scores:
The Department of Health is responsible for inspecting restaurants and other food services establishments, while the Department of Agriculture is responsible for inspecting grocery stores and convenience markets that sell food products. Agriculture inspects more than 8,000 retail food stores statewide at least once every six months. Compliance officers from the department’s Food & Dairy section look at standards in food storage, handling and disposal; employee hygiene; facilities maintenance and many other areas to determine a store’s rating. To view these scores, visit the Retail Food Store Scores website.


All of our state's nearly 8,000 retail establishments that sell food are required by State law to be inspected at least once every six months to insure compliance with all laws and regulations relating to food storage, facility sanitation and safety. Scores only provide a general indication of compliance; inspection reports better describe sanitation conditions and associated health risks and must be made available by the store to anyone requesting it. A score below 70 requires a follow-up inspection. Compliance standards are related primarily to:

food protection and temperature
employee hygiene
water and sewage services
toilet and hand washing facilities
waste disposal
pest control
cleaning and sanitizing of food equipment and utensils
maintenance of floors, walls, and ceilings
sufficient lighting and ventilation
proper storage and display of toxic materials

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One of the Kroger stores pharmacy in Cordova had a recent score:
Establishment Number: 30181
CORDOVA, TN 38018 April 8, 2008 score:70

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